Techno-Pie Anniversary and 2020 Christmas sale

Techno-Pie is wants to share both it’s anniversary and Christmas celebration with it’s dear costumers. Accordingly,  Techno-Pie special Christmas and Anniversary sale has been started for our dear costumers who are willing to use our services for both personal an professional goals. We have sincerely put our services up to 50% discount. This mega sale will let our dear costumers to be shared in our celebratin. every one can send his/her inquiry via our contact form in contact page. These customers can use our special sale which has 50% discount until 15th of January.

Techno-Pie 2020 christmas sale

By this time previous year, Techno-Pie started it’s journey by being established by it’s founder, Keyvan Hamdi. Now, one year is passed and Techno-pie has shaped it’s team to support all of it’s precious costumer’s needs. Day by day this new born startaup eagerly endeavors to  find new ways to increase it’s services quality in orderto makes a little change in world. Now after one year we are happy to announce that, in passed year we have delivered our costumer’s needed services and established our second development center. Hence, It’s the time for celebrating our anniversary and sharing our happiness with others by giving them Special Anniversary and 2020 Christmas sale.

Techno-pie | 2020 Christmas sale

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