About Techno-Pie

Techno-Pie is a fast growing company which provides variety of IT related services with
high quality and fair prices.

Techno-pie’s goal is to facilitate human being’s life using latest technologies around the world with fair prices which allows everyone to have them. Beside high quality we have found best ways with which we can reduce the cost of these technologies to be used by everyone around the world with easiest payment methods like Bitcoin payment. Our wish is to let every single one in the world taste technology’s sweetness as easy as pie.

You can be sure we know the preciousness of your trust. Trust Techno-pie to help the future’s technology to be in demand of humanity more.

We are providing Web and app development in Android and iOS platforms, SEO, Sys Admin and DevOps, Security, Cloud consulting, Graphic design and Game development Services.

We are providing our services all-over  the world to help every one to live easier.

We are using easiest payment method which is bitcoin that allows our clients all-over the world to change their money to bitcoin and pay for services as easy as pie.

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easy as pie.