What Techno-Pie does?

As you know we are Techno-pie, a fast-growing company which’s slogan is Taste technology as easy as pie. Accordingly our goal is to assuage either your Life or business using Technology. Until today we have became successful to provide different services Like: Android & iOS app development, Website development, SEO, Security pentest and hardening, UI/UX design, LOGO design, Motion graphics & animation making, Game development. And we are doing our best to develop our domination of services so as to become closer to our slogan.

You can be sure we know the preciousness of your trust. Trust Techno-pie to help the future’s technology to be in demand of humanity more.

  • Development – Development of high quality website, Android & iOS applications

  • Metaverse & NFTMetaverse & NFT consultant and Design

  • SEO – We can help you to be more indexed

  • Sys Admin & DevOps – Remote System Administration & DevOps services

  • Security – We will help you to be in safety

  • Graphic Design – Helping you to be shown perfect

  • Industrial video and photo – Helping you to depict your product

  • Cloud consulting – Helping you in choosing the best choice

Taste technology
as easy as pie.