Development Services

Development services is one of the most important parts of our company to help you connect your clients better either for personal or business usages. We have gathered developers of Android, iOS and web platforms to help your reach your goal easier.

Techno-Pie Development
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We are sure that all of us know that Websites are one of the best ways to introduce our self to the World, no matter as a person or a business. Our goal is to ease this subject with giving High quality Website development services around the world. We are using best methodologies so as to provide best services to our dear costumers.


App Development

During past decade fast speed of using smartphones among people has paved the road for business to provide their services quick and precise. Like other aspects of technology, providing app development and design services is one of our methods to help business. We can provide you both online and offline applications in both Android and iOS platforms so as to share the joy of tasting technology in your business as easy as pie.

Techno-Pie Application Development

Taste technology
as easy as pie.