Taste technology as easy as pie is our slogan. Accordingly, our goal is to assuage either your Life or business using technology.

Assuring the security of your websites or servers have become a big challenge for companies. While the security of produced data which is produced by both customers and businesses is vital. A good pentest can reveal you the vulnerabilities of your systems, test your cyber-defense, prevent your system’s downtime which can cost you a lot to repair and more importantly it can reserve your brand’s loyalty which comes from the trust of your clients which is because of the safety of their information. Like always we take this challenge as our duty to help our clients either personal or business data to be in security using expert engineers. Our service consists of:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Methodology
      • OWASP
    • Test Approaches
      • Black box testing
      • Gray box testing
    • IOS and Android Application Penetration Testing
      • methodology
        • OWASP
      • network penetration testing
        • Network discovery: Detecting open ports, running services and installed software versions
        • Vulnerability scanning and missing security patches detecting

You can be sure we know the preciousness of your trust. Trust Techno-pie to help the future’s technology to be in demand of humanity more.

Techno-Pie Pentest

Taste technology
as easy as pie.