Graphic design

Taste technology as easy as pie is our slogan. Accordingly our goal is to assuage either your Life or business using technology. Nowadays most of clients are paying attention to what they see in Your websites. In order to continue our duty as Techno-Pie we have gathered great team of designers in different fields from logo design to motion graphic and animation to help you show aim of yourself or your business better.
You can be sure we know the preciousness of your trust. Trust Techno-pie to help the future’s technology to be in demand of humanity more.

Techno-Pie Graphic Design services
Techno Pie - Taste technology as easy as pie - SEO Optimization


As most of clients are becoming eager to use and visit embellished interfaces in applications and websites, we are trying to design more user friendly interfaces using combination of latest design methodologies and costumers needs caring your client’s taste.

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Logo design

Making Influence in our clients is one of the best strategies to be remembered by them, one the elements which have influence in client’s mind is our Logo which plays important roll and that’s meaning is beyond a simple drawing and can show the future of our business.

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Techno-Pie Logo Design
Techno Pie - Taste technology as easy as pie - SEO Optimization

Animation making.

It’s obvious that nowadays on of the best ways to transfer our means to clients is combined with what they see. Accordingly using animations and motion graphics paves the road in reaching our goal in shortest time. Our team tries it’s best to help you catch whatever you want to do through animations using a dexterous group of graphic designers.

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Taste technology
as easy as pie.